Bold St Studios hosts official launch of Kerning the Gap North-West

Written By Rebecca Benson
2 mins read

Last Thursday we hosted the North-West launch of Kerning the Gap with founder Nat Maher in our new Bold Street Studios space highlighting the shortage of females in senior leadership roles within the creative industry. A strong panel of experts from the industry shared their experiences, words of wisdom and frank opinions on this hot topic. 

As a female who trained hard to become a graphic designer and very quickly felt in the minority when entering the fast-paced, male-dominated creative industry, I resonated with the discussions about young female designers not feeling overly confident or even convinced in their career choice. In my case, I jumped the creative ship when offered a new opportunity in client services and (rightly or wrongly) took it because it felt safer, more financially rewarding and a less judgemental career path.

In hindsight, I wish I had been more patient and gutsy and explored the opportunities that lay ahead of me as a designer so I could begin to play my part in making change and fulfilling my potential in a design leadership role. But if i'd done that, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to lead a predominately female team within the creative sector, for a company who strives to support and grow its female workforce, responding positively and proactively to this problem we face. 

Looking forward to the discussion continuing and shaping changes for the future - how can young women be educated more proactively at secondary school and within higher education, how can the creative industry encourage women going for leadership roles, and what can employers actively do to support their female employees? 

Watch this space and Twitter to get involved as Kerning the Gap North-West expands.

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